Charleroi, PA – Nokomis, Inc. has received an Air Force Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract entitled “Standard Inline Non-Destructive Determination of Prepreg Resin Impregnation Level.” This $150,000 effort directly supports the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program by improving quality control of composite material during manufacturing.

The innovative screening method being developed will identify incomplete and inconsistent impregnation of fiber beds in composite materials that are critical to modern military and commercial aircraft. Inconsistencies create defects and weaknesses in the manufactured composite material, jeopardizing the performance of aircraft platforms and the safety of associated aircrews. Nokomis’ approach enables 100% material inspection on the production line and provides real-time assessment of material consistency and quality. Full screening of materials will prevent imperfections, in turn increasing quality and safety of aircraft while simultaneously reducing sustainment and acquisition costs.

“The unique application of advanced sensor technology provides real-time screening of material that is critical to the performance of advanced aircraft. This technology fills a critical capability gap for quality control of next-generation airframe materials,” said Walter J. Keller, Nokomis’ Chief Executive Office, “Our team is excited that the Air Force has chosen Nokomis for this effort.”

About Nokomis:

Nokomis is a small business with headquarters in Charleroi, PA. Additional offices are located in McDonald, PA; Mather, PA; and Toledo, OH. This effort will be chiefly conducted in the McDonald facility with support from Nokomis’ sensor and embedded system teams in Charleroi, PA and Toledo, OH. Nokomis develops, manufactures, and supports preeminent electromagnetic products for the defense industry.