Nokomis Testing Facilities

Nokomis maintains multiple fully-outfitted laboratories and a 163 acre test range for testing activities. These facilitate vehicle and platform integration testing for our customers and 3rd parties.  Additional capabilities including RF, acoustic, electromagnetic, EO/IR and laser testing.  Nokomis facilities include several anechoic chambers and a 163 acre outdoor test range.

Screening for Counterfeit Electronic Components and Cyber Physical Security Threats

Nokomis offers piece part and board level screening services using the ADEC system to screen for counterfeit, mismarked, and used electronic component parts. ADEC detects, processes and exploits the device emission spectrum differences to distinguish counterfeits from Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) devices that current screening methods miss. Nokomis offers three levels of piece part screening:


  • Piece Part Screening
  • Board Level Screening
  • Advanced Signature Analysis

Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Capabilities

Nokomis has established expertise in innovate Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) techniques designed to deliver detailed information on critical materials properties. From the manufacturing line to the laboratory, Nokomis’ systems provide unique solutions that exploit ultra-sensitive sensing technology to achieve unprecedented sensitivity to minute flaws and material inhomogeneities.

Antenna Design, Testing, and Manufacturing

Nokomis has in-house rapid prototyping capability for low profile antenna development needs. High performance antenna structures facilitate lightweight/conformal antenna arrays that significantly improve operational utility. In-house prototyping for rigid and flexible laminates has been established with the capability to build over 100 antennas daily facilitating the building of antennas at a rate that exceeds the ability to draw, model and simulate antennas using commercial software packages. This antenna fabrication capability greatly reduces the time required to produce, test and evaluate each antenna design.

RF Materials and Coatings Expertise

Nokomis offers a range of materials engineering solutions, from cutting-edge new technology to cost-effective implementations of mature processes for a variety of RF materials applications and demands. These technologies range in scope from proprietary nanocoatings processes that manipulate the chemical and electronic properties of the surface to thick coatings suitable for ruggedization of environmentally exposed RF-property sensitive surfaces.


For surface ruggedization, coating products are available for resistance to high temperature, reactive chemical, weather, and/or abrasive environments for conformal antennas, radomes, and windows. Nanocoatings for multipactor mitigation of RF components and dielectric and ferroic coatings for specialized planar devices are also areas of strength. The broad range of Nokomis-owned RF test equipment allows for rapid turnaround in-house testing to verify and guarantee product performance.


  • Multipactor Mitigation Coatings for High-Power RF Applications
  • Custom Dielectric/Magnetic Material Coatings for Passive and Active RF Components
  • Surface Ruggedization Coatings for Conformal Antennas, Radomes, and Windows

EMI/EMC Analysis, Design, and Test Support

Nokomis supplies analysis and design services to both small and large prime contractors related to radar and electronic systems development and analysis. The following is a partial list of programs that Nokomis has participated on in this capacity:


  • Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft Sensors
  • B-1B AN/APQ-164 Radar
  • FCS Airborne Sensor Electromagnetic Effects Analysis
  • Future Combat Systems (FCS)
  • Wedgetail
  • AWACS Advanced Technology Transmitter (ATT) and Single Cabinet Upgrade and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Analysis
  • Electronic Warfare Integrated System for Small Platforms (EWISSP)
  • Forester FOPEN UHF UAV Radar