Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

ImageNokomis’ innovative NDE technology is designed to deliver detailed information on critical materials properties. From the manufacturing line to the laboratory, Nokomis’ systems provide unique solutions that exploit mature ultra-sensitive sensing technology to achieve unprecedented sensitivity to minute flaws and material inhomogeneities..


Technology Features:

• Ultra-sensitive sensor system

• State-of-the-art hardware

• Automated detection/characterization algorithms

• Real-time detection of performance limiting flaws

• 100% material inspection

• Does not slow the rate of production.

• Characterization of challenging material geometries at all stages of manufacture

• Based on low power emissions which avoid safety risks associated with X-rays and other conventional technologies.

Available Capabilities:

  • In-line microwave analysis systems
  • Automated analysis software

Electronic Health Monitoring (EHM)

Nokomis’ EHM system is a non-disruptive, remote sensing, health management technology that may be reconfigured for a variety of electronic equipment in order to estimate the associated Remaining Useful Life (RUL). All electronic devices create unique spectral fingerprints that can be utilized for analysis of internal components. As individual components change, they begin to perform differently. Deficiencies in performance may go unnoticed until it is too late, and catastrophic events may result with no method to diagnose current or impending failures.

The EHM technology has the ability to dramatically impact the efficiency and reliability of high value technology. Technologies driven by complex electronics are vital to both defense and commercial customers. EHM systems provide diagnostic and prognostic information for equipment of interest on-site, without the need for intrusive probing or equipment modification.

System Specifications:

  • Non-invasive: no design changes required to integrate
  • Scalable from component-level to system-level
  • No device telemetry framework required
  • Software re-configurable for many devices
  • On-site RUL assessment of multiple devices with a single EHM sensor.


Manufacturing Electronics Health Monitoring (MEHM)

ImageThe MEHM system has been developed to scan and alert users of impending electronic equipment failures by automatically predicting faults prior to breakdowns. Maintenance personnel can utilize the technology with little training. The unit is self-contained and does not require massive installation costs associated with other monitoring systems.


The MEHM technology predicts electronic component problems in-situ, thereby providing manufacturers a unique preventative maintenance technology to mitigate expensive reactive repairs. The system provides material cost savings, prevents expensive unscheduled downtime, and extends the lifespan of equipment to improve the efficiency of American manufacturing.


System Specifications:

  • Cart mounted feature allows for easy access to equipment on floor
  • Handheld tablet option for remote data collection
  • 6-8 hour battery life
  • Conformal antenna mounted onto back of system