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Basic System Features and Component

Hiawatha I

Hiawatha I is the passive only version of AELED. Hiawatha I provides state-of-the-art passive detection and identification of electronic targets. Users of the system gain valuable early warning of electronic threats, such as but not limited to IED trigger electronics, and can safely counter them. Nokomis’ Hiawatha I, when employed with the electronics detection signature database, is ideal for convoy, portal, or EOD operations. The ruggedized Hiawatha I is designed for  fled deployment, to be used as either a stand-alone unit or mounted in a vehicle.

Product Specifications:

  • Customizable Signature Database for Electronic Targets
  • Software Updateable for Additional Targets
  • Device Detection Demonstrated in Excess of 1km
  • Battery or 28V DC Powered for Vehicle Integration
  • Multiple Antenna Options
  • Software Flash Updateable
  • Man Portable or Vehicle Mounted
  • Ruggedized for Extreme Environmental Deployments
  • Simple User Interface

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Hiawatha II System

The Hiawatha II system provides robust electronics detection, identification, geo-location and tracking capabilities in an extremely  flexible operational package configured specifically for small unmanned airborne applications. The Hiawatha II system has also been configured and demonstrated to provide utility for RF survey and data logging missions.

Hiawatha II has been tested in multiple flight tests. The hardware package has been successfully integrated, along with Nokomis’ Conformal Antenna Technology, onboard two distinct Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) platforms. With minimal cost the hardware configuration can be adapted to meet the requirements of a large variety of airborne platforms.


Product Specifications:

  • Small, Lightweight Sensors (Approx. 1.7 lbs.)
  • Tiered Confidence Level Detection
  • High Level of Discrimination
  • Low False Positive Rate
  • Device Detection at Hundreds of Meters

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