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About Nokomis Inc.

Nokomis, Inc. is a high growth technology company dedicated to detecting, identifying, locating and providing diagnostics of electronic devices. Founded in 2002, Nokomis is the pre-eminent company in the world in the detection, identification and geolocation of electronics. The company was founded on the premise that there are more and more electronics in the world and a large and growing market exists for companies that can effectively detect, identify, geolocate and provide diagnostics of electronic devices using advanced electromagnetic techniques.

Nokomis Advanced Electromagnetic Location of Electronic Devices (AELED) technologies exploit the principles of electrodynamic interactions with electronics through advanced technology to passively locate, detect, characterize, track and mitigate activities of adversaries’ equipment and their ability to carry out operations. The resulting passive sensor product line is called Hiawatha.

Based up the Hiawatha sensor, the Advanced Detection of Electronic Counterfeits (ADEC) System passively captures electromagnetic signatures radiated by electronic components in order to automatically detect and identify counterfeit components. Through early detection of counterfeit parts the AEC system prevents hardware failure, maintenance delays, and cost escalation.

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Advanced Detection of Electronic Counterfeits

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